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Ethics Statement

Since the inception of NN Traders in 2014, editorial independence has always been a core pillar of our mission and all of our editorial staff are required to adhere to an ethics policy designed to protect our sources, maintain journalistic integrity and equip readers to make informed choices.

Editorial independence

  • We do not accept any preconditions to a story that would compel us to say certain things or support any certain views.
  • We do not allow reporters to cover companies where they may have a personal conflict.
  • Stories about forecasts, projections, upcoming products or leaks will be clearly marked as such and have a tag that is representative of their calculated authenticity.
  • Our staff may receive review samples for testing purposes from the manufacturer as per industry standard, but this will be openly declared in the first para of the review and may not affect the outcome and verdict of the review.
  • Any sponsored content needs to be clearly marked as such and includes an Ethics disclaimer that alerts the user to the copy not being generated in-house.

Fact checking

  • All stories go through a “four-eyes” process to ensure they are read by at least two senior staff before publication and consequently fact-checked.
  • In cases where the story is about forecasts, projections, upcoming products or leaks, the editorial staff will make a fact checking attempt on a best-efforts basis.

Protecting sources

  • NN Traders staff may regularly deal with industry sources that may or may not wish to be named. Protecting their identity and communications is of the utmost importance to the community and strict SOPs must be followed to ensure the protection of our sources.
  • A NN traders’s reporter’s acceptance of a precondition (on background, off the record or on the record) of anonymity to a source should be enforced in full and will not be violated.

Professional conduct

  • Our editorial staff goes to great lengths to learn the truth and report it, while at the same time protecting sources, minimize any risk of harm to any entity, and aiming for the highest possible accuracy in everything published.

Personal investing

  • Like many publications, we allow reporters to invest in companies they believe in, but any interest (or future interest occurring within 30 days) needs to be openly declared on every story that they are part of about the company.
  • Any other potential interest whatsoever must also be declared and disclosed in the copy.

Corrections and updates

  • If we discover any mistake in a story, the editorial staff will promptly issue a correction or retraction.
  • The correction and/or retraction will be added to the top of the article along with the exact timestamp when the modification was made. We may have to remove the original piece of content and replace it with the corrected version; however, any changes will be reflected in the correction log given at the top of the article.
  • Updates (which do not contradict but add to the information) which may become available after an article has already gone live may be added into the article without notice.
  • We may also remove content if we believe it has infringed on IP or if we receive a DMCA request.


  • If you have any concern about our ethical standards, please tip securely: