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4 Adjustable Ventilated Home Shelf – 54.5 Inch Medium Duty Home Shelf Unit | Organize Your Space with 4 Shelf Adjustable Ventilated Shelving Unit | Elevate Your Home, Garage, Basement & Laundry

  • Easy Assemble: This Adjustable Ventilated Home Shelf is designed for effortless assembly, as all parts snap together without the need for any tools. It is elevated from the floor and easily portable for convenience.
  • Quick Adjustment: With the easy slide and lock system, you can swiftly adjust the location of each shelf according to your storage needs. The unit also includes wall mounting brackets for added stability.
  • Stable Shelves: Constructed with durable materials, each shelf can hold up to an impressive 150 pounds, making the overall weight capacity reach up to 600 pounds. This ensures that your items are securely stored without worry.
  • Unique Design: The shelves come with a ventilated floor design, allowing for proper air circulation. This feature makes it an excellent choice for storing various items, such as toys, decorations, supplies, and equipment.
  • Dimensions: The dimensions of the shelving unit are 14 x 32 x 54.5 inches, providing ample storage space. With four shelves available, you have plenty of room to organize and keep your belongings tidy.

Easily organize your home or garage with the Gracious Living 4 Shelf Medium Duty Adjustable Ventilated Shelving Unit. With its 4 adjustable shelves, this unit offers ample space to meet your storage needs. You can conveniently modify the shelf locations using the user-friendly slide and lock system.

Each shelf features a ventilated floor design, ensuring proper air circulation and making it ideal for various items. These sturdy shelves can support up to 150 pounds each, providing reliable storage for your belongings.

Measuring 14 inches in depth, 32 inches in width, and 54.5 inches in height, this shelving unit offers generous space without taking up too much floor area. For added stability, the unit includes wall mounting brackets, preventing any tipping hazards with heavy items.

Say goodbye to clutter and keep your belongings organized with the Gracious Living 4 Shelf Medium Duty Adjustable Ventilated Shelving Unit.

Additional information
Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 14 × 9 in

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Home Décor, Home Shelf, Adjustable Ventilated Home Shelf
4 Adjustable Ventilated Home Shelf


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Home Décor, Home Shelf, Adjustable Ventilated Home Shelf

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