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A11N Sports Pickleball Paddles Set – USA Pickleball Approved | 2 Paddles with 8oz Weight Graphite Face & Polymer Core Cushion Grip Includes 4 Balls

Elevate your pickleball game with the A11N Sports Pickleball Paddles Set, a comprehensive package designed for enthusiasts of all levels. USA Pickleball Approved, this set includes two high-quality paddles, four balls, and a convenient sling bag, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced players.

  •  USA Pickleball Approved: Rest assured that you’re using equipment that meets the highest standards of the sport. These paddles are USA Pickleball Approved, ensuring their quality and performance.
  • High-Quality Paddles: The set includes two paddles, each featuring an 8oz weight, a graphite face, and a polymer core. This combination offers the perfect blend of power, control, and durability for your game.
  • Comfortable Cushion Grip: Enjoy a comfortable and secure grip during intense rallies. The cushion grip on these paddles minimizes hand fatigue and enhances your control over the ball.
  • Complete Set: This package comes with everything you need to get started. You’ll receive not only the two paddles but also four pickleball balls, allowing you to start playing immediately. The included sling bag ensures easy transportation and storage.
  • Versatile Gameplay: Whether you’re playing in the park, at a community center, or in your own backyard, this pickleball set is perfect for a wide range of playing environments. Share the fun with friends and family, or enjoy solo practice sessions.

Experience the excitement of pickleball with the A11N Sports Pickleball Paddles Set. These USA Pickleball Approved paddles are crafted with precision and designed for players of all skill levels. The combination of a graphite face and polymer core provides a superior balance of power and control. The cushion grip ensures comfort during extended play, while the inclusion of four balls and a sling bag means you have everything you need for endless fun and practice sessions. Elevate your game, create memorable moments with loved ones, and enjoy the versatile gameplay opportunities this set offers.

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Weight 2.13 lbs
Dimensions 16.89 × 8.46 × 3.07 in

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Sports & Outdoor, Sports & Games, Pickleball Paddles Set
A11N Sports Pickleball Paddles Set


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Sports & Outdoor, Sports & Games, Pickleball Paddles Set

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