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Black Pampas Grass Vase – Black Vase Home Decor | Black Ceramic Vase | Black Round Vase | Black Vases for  Room Decor | Clay Vase Black | Black Donut Vase Modern Decor | 7.5″ Tall Pampas Grass Vases

  • The black modern vase is ideal for minimalist decor; its circle vase with hole, round black shape offers aesthetic vase accent, for black farmhouse decor, black bedroom decor. Material: 100% ceramic vase, this textured vase has matte finish on the surface, slightly rough to the touch which feels vintage and rustic, size: 19cm*18cm*6cm/7.5inches*7inches*2.4inches. Shape: Donut/doughnut. Color: black. Weight: 1.9lbs/860grams.
  • The black abstract vase have three size available, small medium and large, they make perfect centerpieces for dining table in your Amazon home decor! Together with white donut vases, beige vases, all these boho modern vases provide unique vases bulk for black and white decor, and black home decor accents.
  • The black ceramic vases have matt finish on the surface, are your clay vases for home decor. The unique flower vase are cool vase, ceramic flower vase, boho flower vase, and black vases for flowers, black vases for pampas grass plants,home decor vase, place them in your bedroom, living room, patio, entryway, office and to elevate your modern house decor.
  • Let these black vases for decor be part of your black modern decor, black house decor, black farmhouse decor, black ceramic decor. The decorative vase makes living room decor aesthetic, is also great choice for bookshelf decor, modern minimalist decor and minimalist home decor. It works with other neutral home decor, and room decor aesthetic boho, making a trendy home decor.
  • The black table vase fits perfectly for black kitchen decor, and amazon home decor bedroom, putting all three sizes together and they are beautiful black vase set, making boho vases for decor. These are flower vase modern, can also be used as halloween vase and fall vase, christmas vase, floreros de vidrio para centros de mesa, contemporary decor for living room.
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Weight 26.08 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 2.4 × 7.5 in

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Home decor, Vases
Black Pampas Grass Vase


Home decor, Vases

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