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Enhance the ambiance of your office or home with the Derlily Artificial Plants Indoor. Crafted to bring a touch of nature indoors, these 12.6″ realistic mini indoor small fake plants offer an easy solution to elevate your decor without the hassle of maintenance. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings, these cute faux house plants seamlessly blend with any aesthetic, adding a refreshing greenery to your space

  1. Lifelike design: These fake plants look real, with leaves and stems that resemble natural plants closely.
  2. No upkeep needed: You don’t have to water or prune these plants; they stay beautiful without any maintenance.
  3. Fits anywhere: At 12.6 inches tall, they’re perfect for small spaces like desks, shelves, or countertops.
  4. Versatile decoration: Whether indoors or outdoors, these cute plants blend well with any decor style.
  5. Long-lasting: Made from sturdy materials, these artificial plants keep their color and shape for a long time.

UPC/EAN/GTIN: 760939362074

Additional information
Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13.5 × 32 in

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Derlily Fake Plants
Derlily Artificial Plants Indoor, Artificial Banyan


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Derlily Fake Plants

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