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ECCO PURE Acrylic Cuticle Oil Pen – Nail Cuticle Care Solution | Professional Manicure Pedicure Accessory Enriched  Vitamin E for Nail Strength

  • Healthy, Moisturized Nails: ECCO PURE’s cuticle oil is a unique blend that goes beyond simple nourishment. It deeply moisturizes and protects both cuticles and nails, leading to irresistibly beautiful nails. When you apply this cuticle oil, it not only provides moisture but also stimulates healthy nail growth by increasing circulation around your nails.
  • Longer Lasting Manicure Results: After a manicure, rehydrating your cuticles is essential, and that’s where cuticle oil comes in. ECCO PURE’s formula won’t harm or remove your nail polish, making it perfect for post-manicure care. It’s also a fantastic way to rejuvenate an older manicure. By massaging the oil onto your cuticles and nails, you can give them a fresh shine and make your manicure last longer. Thanks to the complex blend of oils and natural ingredients, your nails will stay vibrant.
  • Nail & Cuticle Protectant: Using cuticle oil is like giving your nails a protective shield. It helps guard them against trauma, reducing the risk of breaks and tears. Even if your nails are severely dry or damaged, cuticle oil can work wonders by moisturizing and restoring them to their healthy state. ECCO PURE’s formula offers this protective advantage.
  • Thickens & Strengthens Nails: ECCO PURE’s Acrylic Cuticle Oil Pen is designed to penetrate deeply and quickly. This softens cuticles and promotes nail strength. Stronger nails mean fewer breaks and tears, ensuring your manicure stays impeccable. The inclusion of Vitamin E in the formula provides extra nourishment for your cuticles and further strengthens your nails.
  • Super Easy Application: With ECCO PURE’s cuticle oil brush pen, applying cuticle oil has never been easier. It eliminates mess and waste, ensuring that the oil goes precisely where it’s needed. The brush pen offers accurate and efficient application at the base of your nails, making your nail care routine a breeze.
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Nail Care, Nail Treatment, Acrylic Cuticle Oil Pen
ECCO PURE Acrylic Cuticle Oil Pen


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Nail Care, Nail Treatment, Acrylic Cuticle Oil Pen

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