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4 Tier Home Office Bookshelf – Industrial Home Shelf | Open Storage Bookcase | Display Shelf for Home Office and Kitchen Decor

  • Perfect Storage Addition: The Home Office Bookshelf comes with 4 wooden shelves, including a 3-position adjustable shelf, offering ample space for books, decorations, sundry boxes, and more. 4 S-shaped hooks are provided for hygienic hanging.
  • Super Sturdy Construction: The 4-tier bookshelf features powder-coated steel tubes with 0.8” thickness, ensuring exceptional sturdiness. Each wooden shelf is 0.6” thick, enhancing load capacity and accommodating more items.
  • Secured Stable Setting: To prevent tipping hazards, the bookshelf includes a safe non-toppling device firmly attaching it to the wall. Adjustable foot pads on each support leg enable easy height adjustment as per your needs.
  • Industrial Look & Wide Use: With irregular textures adding a vintage touch, the industrial bookshelf blends seamlessly with different decor styles. It can be placed in any corner of your home, including the study, living room, dining room, or study.
  • Easy Assembly & Maintenance: Clearly labeled panels and a detailed manual ensure quick and time-saving assembly. The assembled bookcase measures 25” x 9.5” x 43.5”. For maintenance, regular wiping is all that’s needed.

The 4-tier Home Office Bookshelf provides adequate storage space while saving room. Its 4 wooden shelves, with one being 3-position adjustable, offer versatility to store various items. Additionally, 4 S-shaped hooks are included for hanging convenience. The bookcase’s powder-coated steel structure ensures remarkable load capacity. The non-toppling device and adjustable foot pads ensure stability. Measuring 25” x 9.5” x 43.5”, you can place it in any desired room for easy access and functionality.

Additional information
Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 51 × 3 in

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Home Décor, Home Shelf, Home Office Bookshelf
4 Tier Home Office Bookshelf


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Home Décor, Home Shelf, Home Office Bookshelf

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