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Modelones 5 Pcs Gel Nail Polish Matte – Top Coat & Base Coat Nail Care Set with Nail Primer and Nail Prep Dehydrator for Gel Nail Polish

  • The Basis and Must-Have of Nail Art: Creating a strong foundation is a critical step in any professional manicure. To achieve this, our duo set includes the NAIL PREP DEHYDRATOR, which effectively cleans the nail surface, and the NAIL PRIMER, which enhances adhesion, ensuring your manicure lasts for over 28 days.
  • Healthy Ingredients: Our formula is ACID-FREE, making it safe for your nails without causing discomfort or irritation. This is an excellent choice for those with healthy or sensitive skin.
  • Compatible with All Mani-Products: Our products are versatile and can be used with a wide range of nail care products, including gel nails, acrylic powder, extension gel, dip powder, cuticle oil, acrylic nail supplies, liquid systems, and various artificial nail art. They are compatible with leading professional nail care brands on the market.
  • Product Handling Notice: In rare cases, there may be leakage during transportation. If you receive a product with minor leaks or an empty container, please don’t worry. Contact us, and we will promptly address the issue.
  • Customer Service and Allergy Warning: Skin contact may lead to an allergic reaction in rare instances. To ensure your safety, perform a skin test before use and discontinue use immediately if any discomfort arises. Our customer support team is available to assist you with any concerns.
  • Package: This set includes 110ml Base Coat, 110ml No Wipe Shine Top Coat, and 1*10ml Matte Top Coat, elegantly packaged in a gift box. After curing, it’s normal for the base coat and color gel to remain slightly sticky, providing better adhesion between nails and gel layers. The top coat ensures a secure finish (avoid over-curing to prevent peeling).
  • Two Stunning Finishes for Your Nail Art: Our matte and shine gel top coat set offers two distinct finishes for your manicures. The shine top coat adds gloss and protection against scratches, while the matte top coat delivers a captivating matte finish.
  • Effective Functions of Base Coat: The base coat enhances the adhesion of nail and color gel, ensuring a longer-lasting nail art experience.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Our flexible base and top coat prevent nicks, chips, and smudges. With proper application, your manicure can last for over 28 days, providing a durable and beautiful look.
  • Compatible with All Brands of Gel Nail Polish: Our products are suitable for use with natural nails, gel nails, artificial nails, acrylic nails, nail tips, and more. To achieve the best effect, consider using the same brand of gel nail products.
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Nail Care, Nail Treatment, Gel Nail Polish Matte
Modelones 5 Pcs Gel Nail Polish Matte


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Nail Care, Nail Treatment, Gel Nail Polish Matte

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