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Philips AVENT’s Natural Baby Feeding Bottle – 4-Pack Toddler Feeding  Bottles with Natural Response Nipple | 4oz Clear Kids Feeding Bottle

Introducing the Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle with Natural Response Nipple, a game-changer in nurturing your baby’s feeding experience. This bottle is meticulously designed to empower your little one to control the pace of their milk intake, closely resembling the breastfeeding process.

  • Natural Pace Control: The Natural Response nipple allows your baby to dictate the pace of milk flow, mirroring the breastfeeding experience. Its unique opening and tip release milk only when actively drinking. Pausing to swallow or breathe results in no milk flow, promoting a natural rhythm of feeding, just like when breastfeeding.
  • Breast and Bottle Harmony: Achieve seamless transitions between breast and bottle feeding with the wide breast-shaped nipple that offers a soft, breast-like feel. Your baby retains control over the milk flow, fostering a comfortable and familiar feeding experience.
  • No-Drip Design: The no-drip nipple design ensures minimal milk wastage from the bottle’s tip, providing peace of mind for parents and an uninterrupted feeding experience for your baby. The included nipple is a Flow 2 variant.
  • Anti-Colic Valve: Integrated into the nipple, the anti-colic valve redirects air away from your baby’s tummy, reducing discomfort and colic symptoms.
  • Easy to Handle and Maintain: The ergonomic bottle shape is comfortable for parents to hold, while its design makes it easy for small fingers to grasp. Assembly is a breeze with just a few components, and the wide bottle neck simplifies filling and cleaning. Crafted from BPA-free polypropylene, the Natural bottle is safe for your baby and is compatible with all nipples and caps from the Natural line.

These Natural Response nipples come in various flow rates (1-5) to cater to your baby’s growth and evolving feeding needs.

Included in this package are four 4oz Natural bottles with Natural Response nipples, Flow 2 (Model SCY900/04).

Expect a brief adjustment period when introducing the Philips Avent Natural Response Nipple. It’s completely natural for your baby to take a few tries to initiate milk flow from this unique bottle. The bottle’s design closely aligns with breastfeeding, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable feeding experience for your precious one.

Join the ranks of happy parents who have embraced the Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle, a 2022 Forbes Vetted Best Baby Bottles Overall winner and a recognized Best Parenting Product of 2022 by Newsweek. Elevate your baby’s feeding journey with Philips Avent’s innovative and nurturing solution.

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Philips AVENT’s Natural Baby Feeding Bottle


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