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Pigeon PP Wide Neck Nursing Bottles – 8.1 Oz Streamlined Design Baby Feeding Bottles | Pack of 4 Natural Feel Kids Bottle | Easy Clean Baby Bottles

Introducing the Pigeon PP Wide Neck Nursing Bottles, designed with meticulous attention to detail and a profound understanding of a baby’s feeding needs. Based on comprehensive research on a baby’s sucking behavior, these bottles are crafted to align with the three natural movements that babies make while feeding in Japan.

  • Research-Backed Design: These bottles are the result of extensive research into a baby’s natural feeding patterns. The design is tailored to accommodate the three key movements that babies naturally perform while feeding.
  • Soft and Flexible Nipple: The super soft and flexible silicone nipple ensures a seamless transition between breast and bottle. It allows for natural and smooth tongue movement, closely mimicking the breastfeeding experience. The innovative latching curve of the nipple guides the baby to achieve an effective latch, promoting secure adsorption.
  • User-Friendly: The new bottle shape features a wide neck and streamlined body, making it incredibly easy to clean and hold. Say goodbye to the hassle of hard-to-reach corners; cleaning is now a breeze.
  • Safety First: Crafted from Polypropylene (PP), these bottles offer exceptional heat resistance and durability. They are entirely free from BPA and BPS, ensuring the utmost safety for your little one. You can sterilize them using a bottle warmer, microwave, sterilizer, or boiling water, without worry.
  • Specifications: Each bottle has a capacity of 8.1 oz (240 ml) and comes with an M nipple (suitable for babies aged 3 months and older). The Pigeon PP Wide Neck Nursing Bottles offer a range of nipple sizes, from SS to 3L, each meticulously designed with specific hole sizes, shapes, thickness, and softness to cater to the unique needs of babies at different stages of development.

Elevate your baby’s feeding experience with Pigeon’s PP Wide Neck Nursing Bottles. With a focus on research-driven design, safety, and ease of use, these bottles are tailored to provide a seamless transition between breast and bottle, ensuring a comfortable and nurturing feeding journey for your little one.

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Baby Feeding, Baby Feeder, Kids Feeing Bottle, Baby Feeding Bottle, Wide Neck Nursing Bottles
Pigeon PP Wide Neck Nursing Bottles


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Baby Feeding, Baby Feeder, Kids Feeing Bottle, Baby Feeding Bottle, Wide Neck Nursing Bottles

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