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Swihelp Safe Portable Dog Car Seat – Puppy Pet Booster Seat with Clip On Safety Leash PVC Support Pipe and Anti-Collapse Design Ideal for Small Pets

Product Description:

Introducing the Swihelp Safe Portable Dog Car Seat, the ultimate solution for pet owners who prioritize safety and comfort during car rides. This booster seat is specifically designed for small pets, offering them a secure and elevated position that allows them to enjoy the journey as much as you do. Safety is paramount, and this car seat includes a clip-on safety leash to ensure your pet stays safely restrained while you drive. With the added support of a PVC pipe, anti-collapse design, and a plush interior, your furry friend will experience a cozy and secure ride every time.

  • Elevated Pet Safety: Keep your small pet secure and elevated during car rides, reducing their anxiety and ensuring a safer journey.
  • Clip-On Safety Leash: The included clip-on safety leash attaches to your pet’s collar or harness, preventing them from moving around and ensuring they stay securely in place.
  • Sturdy PVC Support Pipe: The PVC support pipe adds stability to the seat, preventing it from collapsing and providing a comfortable platform for your pet.
  • Anti-Collapse Design: The car seat is designed to maintain its shape even during sudden stops or turns, offering your pet a consistent and secure place to rest.
  • Plush Interior: The interior of the car seat is plush and comfortable, making it a cozy and inviting space for your pet to relax during car rides.

Elevate your pet’s comfort and safety during car rides with the Swihelp Safe Portable Dog Car Seat. This booster seat offers small pets a secure and elevated position, reducing anxiety and ensuring a safer journey for both you and your furry companion. The included clip-on safety leash, sturdy PVC support pipe, and anti-collapse design provide peace of mind, while the plush interior ensures your pet’s comfort throughout the ride. Make every trip an enjoyable experience for your pet with this essential car seat by Swihelp.

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Weight 2.14 lbs
Dimensions 15.75 × 13.38 × 17.32 in

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Swihelp Safe Portable Dog Car Seat


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Pet Supplies, dog Food, dog Supplies, Portable Dog Car Seat, Pet Supplies, cat Food, cat Supplies

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