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Vets Preferred Puppy Milk Replacement Formula – 12 Oz Powder Supplement for Lactating Aging Dogs | Nutritious Nursing Formula for Puppies

Give your puppies the best start in life with Vets Preferred Puppy Milk Replacement Formula. This carefully crafted 12 oz powder supplement is designed to provide essential nutrition for lactating and aging dogs, ensuring that their puppies receive the vital nutrients they need during their early stages of development. Enriched with colostrum and packed with essential vitamins and minerals, this formula supports healthy growth, strong immunity, and overall well-being.

  • Complete Puppy Nutrition: Vets Preferred Puppy Milk Replacement Formula is a comprehensive source of nutrition for growing puppies. It is formulated to mimic the mother’s milk, offering a balanced diet enriched with essential nutrients, including colostrum, which is vital for puppy development.
  • Supports Lactating and Aging Dogs: This formula is not only perfect for nursing puppies but also provides aging dogs with the extra nourishment they need. It supports lactating mothers in providing their puppies with the best possible start in life and helps aging dogs maintain their health and vitality.
  • Enhanced Immunity: Colostrum, a key ingredient in this formula, boosts puppies’ immune systems, providing them with natural antibodies and essential growth factors. It helps strengthen their immune response and promotes overall well-being.
  • Easy-to-Prepare Powder: The convenient powder format makes preparation a breeze. Simply mix the powder with water according to the instructions to create a nutritious milk replacement that puppies love. It’s an ideal solution for puppies who may not have access to their mother’s milk.
  • 12 Oz Size: With a generous 12 oz size, this puppy milk replacement formula ensures you have an ample supply to meet your puppies’ needs during their crucial early stages of life. It’s a cost-effective and convenient way to provide top-notch care to your furry friends.

Ensure that your puppies receive the best possible care and nutrition with Vets Preferred Puppy Milk Replacement Formula. This nutritious formula is not only ideal for puppies but also supports lactating and aging dogs, making it a valuable addition to your pet care regimen. Give your puppies a strong start with the goodness of colostrum and essential nutrients that promote health and vitality.

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Pet Supplies, dog Food, dog Supplies, Puppy Milk Replacement Formula
Vets Preferred Puppy Milk Replacement Formula


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Pet Supplies, dog Food, dog Supplies, Puppy Milk Replacement Formula

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